Services for Charities

Evergreen assists charities with the three primary types of activity in which they must engage in order to secure planned gifts: developing infrastructure, policies, and general readiness; promoting planned giving opportunities among all potential donors; and gift planning, i.e., designing – and, when appropriate, completing – actual gifts. Specifically, Evergreen offers help with the following, each of which is addressed in more detail on a separate page of this website:

Services for Donors and Advisors

Whereas gift planning is simply one of the ways in which Evergreen works with charities, it is the primary focus of consulting services provided to donors and advisors. Especially if, for whatever reason, a donor is reluctant to engage with a charity directly, Evergreen can become involved on a confidential basis.

Proper gift planning always entails first learning about the donor’s circumstances and objectives. Next, the gift planner acquaints the donor with relevant options. From there, alternatives of interest to the donor are explored in more detail. At length, once a potential course of action is acceptable to the donor and all applicable advisors, the steps needed to complete the gift are taken.

Evergreen’s planned giving expertise is made available throughout the process, whether by educating the donor or advisors, performing tax and financial calculations, or suggesting ways to fine tune approaches to different variables. Evergreen always seeks to be part of a group effort and whenever desired can help draw additional sources of expertise into the process.

Finally, when a donor makes a charitable termination of a gift annuity, remainder trust, or other dual-benefit gift arrangement, Evergreen can perform the associated appraisal if the charity has not secured one on the donor’s behalf.

It has been my pleasure to work with Bill as an allied professional in the planned giving community for more than 20 years. I have always admired his in-depth knowledge and technical expertise in all aspects of estate planning and planned gifts. Nancy and I were especially delighted to work with Bill on the planning, drafting and funding of our charitable lead annuity trust. We are very comfortable knowing our trust is properly drafted, operating smoothly and fulfilling our charitable intent thanks to Bill’s advice. I’m delighted to have Bill and his practice as a trusted resource both for my clients and for my own personal planning.”

Howard A. Johnson, CIMA®, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC® Financial advisor and philanthropist