Program Operation

Running a successful planned giving program is partly a function of having the right foundation in place. First and foremost, this means a charity’s governing board and senior staff need to understand what planned giving is (and is not!) and then make decisions about how the program is to be operated. This, in turn, should be reflected in formally adopted policies, in staffing choices, and in day-to-day systems and procedures. Furthermore, even once things are humming along well, it is wise to revisit decisions from time to time and make adjustments as needed.

Next, the charity must reach out to donors and prospects to make them aware of planned giving options and motivate them to take action. More about these promotional efforts can be found on the marketing page of this website.

Ultimately, however, the charity must never lose sight of the fact that all its planned giving activities are intended to get donors to make gifts when it is right for them to do so. Channels of communication need to open and clear, relationships need to be nurtured, and timely, reliable expertise needs to be brought to bear.

In all of these things, Evergreen can be the charity’s trusted, responsive partner. With few exceptions, no matter is too small or too large to preclude Evergreen’s involvement, whether it’s obtaining a template set of gift acceptance policies, having another set of eyes look over a letter, or reaching out to a donor or an advisor to answer a technical question. Indeed, many donors and advisors are favorably impressed when a charity makes judicious use of the services of a knowledgeable, independent consultant.

Whatever needs to be done in operating a planned giving program, whether at any given moment or over the long haul, Evergreen can probably help do it!

I worked very closely with Bill Zook for over 15 years during the time we were building Planned Giving Services and subsequently after the company was sold to PG Calc. He was a significant contributor to the success of the company. He is clearly in the top tier of technical experts in the field of planned giving, and he is very good in helping donors design gift plans that are beneficial both to them and to the charities they wish to support. Because of his extensive work with different types and sizes of charities, he knows how to help any charity implement and operate a planned giving program appropriate for its situation. He is a careful writer, a good listener, and has the highest ethical standards. Whoever hires him for gift planning consulting will not be disappointed.”

Frank Minton, Ph.D. Prominent teacher, author, consultant, and leader in the planned giving profession
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