Program Assessment

If a charity does not have a planned giving program (or if a program existed at one point but has grown dormant over time), Evergreen can help determine the feasibility of launching – and thereafter sustaining – a new effort. By contrast, if a charity is currently active in planned giving, Evergreen is able “take the pulse” of the existing program and then make recommendations regarding expansion, contraction, or refinement of the current scope of activity.

An assessment can be anything from basic and informal to quite extensive, resulting in a lengthy, formal report. Typically, pertinent records will be reviewed, and interviews will be conducted with one of more of the following: staff (whether engaged in planned giving, development more generally, financial matters, or programmatic work); board members and other volunteers; donors and prospects; advisors and other external parties; and even persons affiliated with charities identified as peers. While certain information is best gathered in person, phone and electronic contact can also be sufficient. Moreover, depending on what a charity wants and needs, Evergreen can affiliate with one or more other consultants in conducting an assessment.

When a Little “First Aid” Is All You Need

For a charity curious about the adequacy of fundamental steps it has taken in pursuing planned gifts, Evergreen can evaluate the situation quickly and inexpensively. Among other things, print and electronic planned giving messaging will be reviewed for accuracy, and the sufficiency of basic internal procedures verified.

Does your website indicate you offer gift annuities when you are actually forbidden by law to issue them? When prospective donors or their advisors phone for planned giving information, are their calls handled properly? Is the charity taking full advantage of promotional opportunities that cost little or no money? Evergreen can answer these and similar questions, pointing out adjustments that can be made and generally providing peace of mind.

If your organization would benefit from the fresh perspective of a seasoned consultant, Evergreen can conduct a tailored evaluation that answers key questions and sheds light on the path forward.

I worked very closely with Bill Zook for over 15 years during the time we were building Planned Giving Services and subsequently after the company was sold to PG Calc. He was a significant contributor to the success of the company. He is clearly in the top tier of technical experts in the field of planned giving, and he is very good in helping donors design gift plans that are beneficial both to them and to the charities they wish to support. Because of his extensive work with different types and sizes of charities, he knows how to help any charity implement and operate a planned giving program appropriate for its situation. He is a careful writer, a good listener, and has the highest ethical standards. Whoever hires him for gift planning consulting will not be disappointed.”

Frank Minton, Ph.D. Prominent teacher, author, consultant, and leader in the planned giving profession
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